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1. Terms and Conditions of Use

2. Privacy Policy

3. Software Specifications

4. License Agreements
      o MobilePay® Software License Agreement
      o MobileVoiP® (ZER01 mobile) End User Software License Agreement
      o MobileVideo® Software License Agreement
      o MobileRadio® Software License Agreement

5. Warranties
      o Software Limited Warranty options
      o Accessory Limited Warranty options
      o Handheld Limited Warranty options

6. Encryption-related restrictions
      o Anderson Taylor Use Exceptions (PDF)
      o US Export Controls Classification Information (PDF)

7. Anderson Taylor Trademarks

8. Anderson Taylor Product Names

9. Please contact webmaster@andersontaylor.com should you have any legal questions or concerns respecting this site or any agreements you have entered with Anderson Taylor. We will use all best business practice reasonable efforts to address any concerns you may have.

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